Sustainable development goals
  • Responsible consumption and production
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There are approximately 500 million small and medium farmers around the world whose agricultural production equals 75% of the world´s total food supply. However, despite this fact, they only receive 25% of financial credits to agriculture. It is thought that demand will grow in the upcoming decades, whereby this industrial sector will be crucial for supplying food to the world. Financial institutions have several difficulties in assessing the risks of these companies, since traditional methods don´t have the tools to adequately measure real financial risks. For this reason, the interests on these loans have steeply increased by 30% or more. Traive provides a solution to this problem through the creation of a credit system that uses machine learning.    

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Traive offers an evidence-based data solution where lenders are connected to farmers. From a mobile application, farmers may apply to numerous financial institutions thanks to Traive´s credit system. This system draws data from several sources, projects real time mortgage performance, allowing lenders to improve their strategy during the farming season. Furthermore, farmers may access customized recommendations to help them improve their agricultural and financial effectiveness.