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Sustainable development goals
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Quality education
  • Reduced inequality
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About the project

Talov created two applications to promote the inclusion of people with hearing and visual impairments, improving their communication. These apps use Artificial Intelligence to generate accessibility tools that are compatible with mobile phones to help people with hearing and visual disabilities to raise their levels of independence in their daily tasks. Through the camera and microphone of the mobile phone, users can have access to audiovisual tools that provide them with the means of getting around more easily. This helps them overcome the challenges of daily communication; and to become more and more free and independent. 

More project information

There are 290 million blind people and 470 million deaf people worldwide. Society has not done its work in terms of the inclusion of these important human groups. Barriers to communication, movement, etc. have prevented this process to develop effectively.  

Through Machine Learning Platforms, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Sound Recognition, Gesture Recognition (human movement), the project aims at raising the level of independence of people with hearing and visual disabilities.

Talov has created two applications to help people with audiovisual disabilities. Both platforms are based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, contain useful tools and work in 35 languages. The “SpeakLiz” application for hearing impairment, allows users to convert sign language to voice and text in real time, to better understand their acoustic environment through the detection of sounds and the transcription of human voices. The “Vision” application for visual impairment, uses artificial intelligence in real time to identify objects, money, colors, approximated distances, read texts and more; through the camera of your phone.