Sustainable development goals
  • Gender equality
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Sustainable cities and communities
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About the project

IALAB is an initiative whose purpose is to generate disruptive high-impact solutions in the Administration and Justice, to guarantee the effectiveness of people´s rights. Prometea, an artificial intelligence system for transforming public organizations, was developed in this context of innovation within the scope of the Public Prosecutor´s Office. It is a system that combines smart detection, prediction and smart assistance to automate the creation of documents, perform intelligent searches and assist in data control.  

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It has three main characteristics: i) It has an intuitive and friendly interface that allows one to talk to the system or chat through natural language recognition; ii) It operates as an expert system with multiple functions, allowing to automate data and documents and perform intelligent assistance; iii) It uses supervised machine learning and clustering techniques, based on manual and machine labeling with a training dataset. Prometea offers four large groups of functionalities: i) Smart Assistance; ii) Automation; iii) Smart classification and detection; iv) Prediction without black box