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Sustainable development goals
  • Good health and well-being
  • Partnerships for the goals
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About the project

R1T1 is a specialized robot for the health sector. It supports hospital staff with medical consultations and with providing patients follow-up and helps doctors perform transplants. 

More project information

R1T1 has a broad spectrum of applications across the health sector, and is specially designed to give the feeling of human presence in remote places. R1T1 is beyond conventional, currently, it is extremely versatile and may be used in the most varied areas of activity since it is autonomous, may be controlled locally or remotely, and only requires an Internet connection. It fully integrates with all hospital equipment and is capable of identifying the blood stream, respiratory and heart beats of a person without having to touch them, as well as an emotion recognition detector, which shows how the person feels at the moment he or she is being “read” by the robot.

The project uses Natural Language Generation, Natural Recognition, Virtual Agents, AI-optimized hardware, Decision Making, Biometric Techniques, Robotics Automation Processes, Natural Language Processing, Contents Development, Cognitive Worker Assistance, Image Recognition.