Sustainable development goals
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Gender equality
  • No poverty
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About the project

ParaEmpleo is the first digital platform in the Latin American market that can make a job match through the use of algorithms free from discrimination in real time and available to any player in the job market without compromising the privacy or routine operating mode of users. It is unrestricted, free of charge and available in a mobile version.

More project information

A citizen wanting to find a job can seek employment, with an account, by loading his/her skills onto the platform, so as to find the best employment in many locations and whichever is most convenient, with an approximation percentage and even a job that is closer to his/her home if that is the best match. Similarly, companies offer vacancies that can be visualized in real time and immediately identify the best candidates available according to the skills and competences described in their job offering.  ParaEmpleo, applies discrimination-free processes, ensuring an adequate first contact with talent or adequate employment opportunity.