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  • Good health and well-being
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About the project

The project is developing and validating a portable easy to use low-cost system for the diagnosis of anemia that does not require a doctor being present. The system will be based on the capture of digital images of the conjunctiva of the upper eye-lid with a Smartphone which are then processed by an artificial intelligence software that interprets the image and estimates the blood hemoglobin level. In addition, photographs of the nail bed of the hand will also be taken for analysis. Similarly, to facilitate the use of the system, an online training module will be created to educate staff promoting the system in a simple manner. 

More project information

The application developed will be used in medical campaigns and care to diagnose anemia in boys and girls in different parts of Peru. The healthcare personnel in charge, will take a picture of the child´s ocular membrane and then it will be sent to the system which processes the image and determines the hemoglobin level and therefore, the presence or absence of anemia. With the test results, appropriate measures will be taken.

The project uses Machine Learning Platforms and Image Recognition and targets children under 5 in Peru.