Layers against inequality

Sustainable development goals
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • No poverty
  • Reduced inequality
  • Zero hunger
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About the project

Paraguay has a broad rural social group with modest means and reduced access to financial leverage to help them get out of that situation through loans or technical assistance. Furthermore, it is common for these individuals to be registered in a credit bureau or identified with a high financial risk which prevents them from accessing new financing to make investments. 

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In this project, HEMAV and MSDA, through the evolution of one of its farm management mobile applications (LAYERS + CAMPO APP), will allow the agronomic monitoring of technicians with Frutika (of the Kress Group), the largest juice company in Paraguay, which buys fruit from small farmers. Farmers can introduce information about their parcels of land (through the CAMPO App), which turn into notifications for farmers in the area. They will also be able to communicate with Frutika technicians (through a link to Whatsapp Business) and will be able to perform production samples that will allow estimating production on the basis of a single tree.

The main goals for this 3-year project include: -Goal 1 – Training and Awareness For this tool to reach a maximum number of small farmers and that it be used frequently. It is expected to reach 100 farmers.  -Goal 2 – Digital Agriculture Inclusion To achieve that the tool is adapted to the reality of users and that it is attractive and easy to use. To this effect, during the design phase and for subsequent iterations or new versions, it will be critical to work with stakeholders to identify needs, requirements and problems.