Sustainable development goals
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About the project

Laura is a software that allows the automation of tasks in bureaucratic procedures, replacing the low value-added work that the Ministry’ employees used to perform, and solving certain internal tasks in a more agile and efficient manner.

More project information

The main goal is to reduce the retirement processing time of provincial employees.

This management software has as one of its tasks the verification of retirement contributions in the Social Security Federal Administration (ANSES, Spanish acronym), a procedure that an employee must perform to start the Provincial retirement process.

In addition to reducing time, the project can also avoid that future retirees perform this procedure in person at the ANSES offices. These individuals should not spend their money or travel time. This is important because many times they have had to travel from remote localities.

The geographical scope of the project targets the Cordoba Province. According to figures updated in October 2019, the Retirements and Pensions Fund of Cordoba had approximately 190 thousand contributors.