Sustainable development goals
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Climate action
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Zero hunger
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About the project

Kilimo assists agricultural producers to optimize water usage in their production process. By compiling field data and combining them with our big data from our historical collection, satellite images, machine learning and other processing and forecasting tools, our proprietary software provides: i) A 7-day estimate of crop water consumption ii) Periodic summarized advice for producers written in simple language about the required amount of water in every field to achieve their production goals iii) Risk-related information about irrigation for company intelligence

More project information

The customized watering programs we create allow farmers and companies to: i) minimize costs related to water usage while guaranteeing the fulfillment of their production strategies, ii) take production data-based decisions for expected results and measurable risks (for example, leave a given plot of land uncultivated during a season), iii) organize and simplify their irrigation decision processes. Farmers can access all of this information through the Kilimo platform, where they will find daily updated information about their fields and bi-weekly watering recommendations which they should apply to their crops. All of this is implemented through a software. In turn, we are developing a hardware device composed of a pluviometer and a sensor to detect pivot irrigation. In this way, farmers can receive automatic data on rain and irrigation. Kilimo manages to reduce water usage in some orchards by 40%.