Sustainable development goals
  • Climate action
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Sustainable cities and communities
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About the project

IRBin, created by Cirsys, was born as the result of searching for an interactive and customizable solution for educating and raising user awareness about the importance of recycling. IRBin is the first social and friendly robot that teaches and helps people to recycle through artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically classify waste into 3 categories: plastic bottles, glass bottles and general waste.

More project information

IRBin, a robot that is 2 meters tall, is a trash container that interacts with users in a playful way each time they throw away trash. A series of color images indicate the type of waste material and its classification for the recycling process. Additionally, IRBin also provides an efficient waste segregation that facilitates the first step in the recycling process. Thanks to this interaction and efficient waste segregation, it has created the habit in people to segregate residues with IRBin and therefore follow the correct recycling process. Furthermore, IRBin can provide information in real time about the amount of trash it has accumulated and about the users who recycle with the robot, allowing companies to make the right decisions about their waste management business strategies.