Ieso Digital Health and NHS – Mental Health Care

United Kingdom
Sustainable development goals
  • Good health and well-being
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Ieso Digital Health and the NHS have partnered to help improve the treatment of mental health patients. Using a data-driven and evidence-based approach, Ieso’s technology helps to support mental health patients throughout their treatment or therapy. Artificial intelligence helps all aspects of treatment from the initial steps of finding a therapist to treatment options and post-therapy options.

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Mental health issues are a headline topic in the UK, with treatment generally being regarded as inadequate. The UK Government and NHS are exploring ways to improve care for those who suffer from mental health issues. In this vein, the NHS have partnered with Ieso Digital Health to help use innovative technologies in the treatment of mental health issues. 

Ieso Digital Health works with over 40 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to help provide therapy to patients with mild to severe mental health issues. This service is available to 9 million people in the UK. Therapy is typically carried out through written online communication which allows for Ieso’s artificial intelligence to monitor the conversation. 

Initially, artificial intelligence is used at the very beginning of the patient’s care. Ieso’s algorithms analyze the patient’s needs from scheduling issues to the type of care needed and appoints a therapist based on which one would most likely deliver a meaningful clinical outcome.

During treatment, natural language processing allows for real-time monitoring of therapist protocol adherence and risk detection. Ieso’s technology also supports the therapist in giving clinical advice, ensuring treatment is streamlined and relevant to the patient.

Ieso Digital Health and the NHS’s partnership is helping to tackle one of the most pressing health issues in developed countries, mental health. Worldwide, nearly 800,000 suicides occurred in 2015. Treatment for the issues that cause suicide, such as depression, has been lackluster. However, technologies such as Ieso’s are trying to drive change in mental healthcare provision. Therefore, Ieso is contributing towards SDG 3 (good health and wellbeing).