ENIT Agent

Sustainable development goals
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Climate action
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Responsible consumption and production
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About the project

ENIT Systems is a German start-up that offers an intelligent solution to save energy. With the ENIT Agent, the company offers a full-fletched energy solution for monitoring electricity, heat, gas, steam or water consumption in companies. By integrating data logger, gateway, database, server and analysis software in one device, the ENIT Agent is a new concept in regards to energy management.

More project information

Via ENIT, decentralized energy systems can be holistically controlled in medium-sized companies with a small box, the so-called ENIT Agent. It calculates and analyses energy consumption so that customers gain more control over how much electricity, heat and gas is used. Plants, such as combined heat and power plants (CHP) and photovoltaic systems, can hence be operated more efficiently. In addition, the ENIT Agent communicates with the company's building management system, machine control and ERP systems. Gaining this information, companies can improve their product processes and prices.

According to the start-up, SMEs using the ENIT Agent could save tens of thousands of euros per year. With the IT platform, the Freiburg-based start-up has already helped 120 companies achieve average electricity savings of eight percent.

The three founders of ENIT are Hendrik Klosterkemper, Simon Fey and Pascal Benoit. The project received funding from the federal government's existing research transfer, co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) with a total volume of 700,000 EUR; and it was included in the European Union program "Horizon 2020 SME Instrument", which entails a further funding of 1.4 million EUR for the project. Besides, the start-up made the first place in the federal government's "ICT Innovative" start-up competition at the CeBIT 2015 trade fair. Also, it won the first place and the special prize "Green Economy" in the "Startinsland 2014" business plan competition.

The ENIT Agent effectively helps save energy and represents an example how enhanced scientific research can upgrade technological capabilities. It thereby supports the UN SDG Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure target to use resources more efficiently. Besides, the saving of energy and water also supports the goals Climate Action, Affordable and Clean Energy, Responsible Consumption and Production.