Amanda Care

Sustainable development goals
  • Good health and well-being
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About the project

Amanda Care seeks to improve the general health of the Argentine population through a platform designed to promote the welfare of patients. The platform facilitates the monitoring of patients on behalf of doctors, ensuring their adherence to treatment. 

More project information

Amanda Care is a virtual assistant which ensures that each patient is well-informed and receives good medical attention. The platform connects patients with personnel through messaging tools that already in use by patients such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. At the same time, the platform seeks to improve the experience of patients by providing timely and affordable information on the state of their health, seeking improved adherence to treatment protocols.

Currently, Amanda Care specializes in patients with heart conditions, but itis a scalable solution for personalized health care services. Furthermore, Amanda reduces health care system costs, freeing resources to help more patients. 

The project uses Natural Language Creation, Natural Recognition, Virtual Agents, Machine Learning Platforms, AI-optimized Hardware, Decision Making, Natural Language Processing. Amanda care is used in Argentina and in 2020 expansion to Mexico and Colombia is being sought.