Adaptive Mathematics Platform, Ceibal Plan

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Since 2013, the Ceibal Plan offers PAM licenses to all Primary School students and teachers, and to all Middle School students and Mathematics teachers. Containing specific contents for students ranging from 3rd grade of primary school to 3rd grade of middle school, the Ceibal Plan has undergone a comprehensive process of adaptation of it platform, both in terms of its integration with other systems and the adaptation of its contents.

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PAM uses an online adaptive platform for teaching mathematics, which actively integrates students and teachers in the learning process. It provides educators with tools to work in groups, establish learning goals and propose activities. It has comprehensive evaluation tools to provide immediate follow-up and reports. It is called adaptive because it automatically adapts to the needs of each student. The platform identifies areas for improvement on the basis of performance on tasks completed and suggests a series of activities to students to reinforce those aspects that have not yet been acquired. Furthermore, it adapts to the needs of each teacher, allowing him or her to assign each student a series of activities on the basis of their own pace. PAM offers information that goes beyond a “correct” or “incorrect”, given that it analyzes answers to detect the cause of the error and suggests alternative solutions and paths for improvement.   

The project uses Decision Making, Deep Learning Platform, Content Creation, Adaptive Learning, based on the detection of systematic errors suggesting a customized path to learning. The Ceibal Plan contributes to the teaching-learning process through technology, while it democratizes access to technological tools.