Sustainable development goals
  • Good health and well-being
  • Quality education
  • Reduced inequality
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About the project

1DOC3 is an affordable online portal for medical consultations which offers this service to 1 million people every month. 1DOC3 uses technology to optimize a physician´s time by performing a real-time remote and personalized check-up of symptoms, a triage and a pre-diagnosis for each case using AI.

More project information

1DOC3 aims at improving access to health in Latin America, for example through service scalability, physician time optimization and improved medical outcome. In the Region there are only 1.9 doctors for every 1000 inhabitants and only 5% of the population can pay for a private health insurance.

The project has users across the entire Spanish-speaking world, in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Spain and Central America.